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Wes Edens: Successful Entrepreneur with an Affinity for the Underdog

In finance, it takes a specific individual to invest in something as risky and volatile as the market. With constant fluctuation in every sector, investors must be able to think on their feet when it comes to their money. An investor’s success is measured by their ability to see potential in businesses that the rest of the industry has overlooked. Luckily for us, there are still those willing to take that leap of faith and invest in something they believe will succeed.

Who is Wes Edens?

Wesley Robert Edens is an American businessman and investor based in New York City. He has achieved great success in his field of expertise and is now a billionaire, having built his fortune on intelligent investments and timely acquisitions. His net worth stands at an estimated $2.9 billion, placing him among the top 1% of Americans by wealth. As one of the prominent leading business figures in the country, Edens has made quite a name for himself in the investment world and has been a staple in significant transactions and headlines for the past several years. Edens holds several advisory roles, including those at the Democratic Party, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Brookings Institution. His investments have made him a household name in the financial world, with his most notorious being the acquisition of the Milwaukee Bucks. His roots as a basketball player, combined with his subsequent investments in the sport, have made his name synonymous with the sport. Edens is a private individual in his personal life and has yet to discuss it publicly.

Bright Green: An Investment Firm Committed to a Sustainable Environment

With the rising global temperatures and concerns of more natural disasters on the horizon, Wes Edens and his firm, Bright Green, are taking steps to impact the environment positively. With their focus on renewable energy sources, Edens and his partner, Peter Briger, have placed their money into several companies specializing in clean, sustainable energy. Their first significant investment came from the American wind turbine manufacturer, RE- green Power. RE- green Power is the largest privately held wind-energy company in North America. With a strong interest and investment in the future of renewable energy, Bright Green has continued investing in companies that will benefit the planet. They currently own a stake in sPower, a solar energy company that operates in the United States. They also have a stake in Green Plains Renewable Energy, specializing in biofuels and renewable natural gas. As their investment portfolio continues to grow, so will their investment in the planet’s future.

Fortress Investment Group: Leveraging Experience and Expertise

Established in 2002, Fortress Investment Group is a leading private investment firm focusing on real estate and alternative assets. The company has maintained a strong reputation and healthy track record, having gone public in 2007. Edens joined the company in 2011 as a partner and currently serves as co-chairman of the board. Instead of focusing on one particular portion of the market, Fortress Investment Group has opted to invest in various sectors, including healthcare, transportation, and real estate. This has allowed the company to secure a wide range of investments across the board, providing more secured sources of revenue for the company. One of their most notable investments has been in the healthcare sector, with Fortress currently owning a stake in the company that makes Band-Aid brand bandages.


Investing in real estate is always a risky bet, but Edens and his firm have been able to find lucrative investments in the sector. One of their most notable acquisitions has been the purchase of the Springhill Hospital in Florida. Fortress Investment Group paid $962 million for the property, a substantial increase from the original price of $82 million. After closing the deal, Edens stated that the company had found a way to “leverage our expertise in healthcare to generate cash flow and returns for our investors.” With an investment that is predicted to provide revenue for up to 30 years, Edens and his team certainly hit the jackpot with this one.