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 The State of German Olympic Sports Confederation Under Alfons Hörmann

The article talks about the state of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) under its president, Alfons Hörmann. Alfons was elected as the president of DOSB in 2013, replacing Thomas Bach. He was the head of the institution for eight years before resigning in July 2021 due to concerns of a lack of confidence and trust in his leadership.

Hörmann was largely criticized due to the state of the German sport organization during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, he attributes the plight of problems that the institution was facing to political interference by government officials. Alfons Hörmann claims that the bureaucracy involved in DOSB is actually the main reason for the poor performance exhibited by the German Olympic team in the summer games in Tokyo.

However, some professionals claim that Hörmann’s remarks regarding government interference in sport are somehow contradictory. This is due to the fact that any political responsibility of DOSB should have fallen under him during his tenure as the president. In order to solve these problems, potential candidates willing to replace Alfons as president must be able to demonstrate diplomatic skills.

This pertains to repairing the relationship that DOSB has with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which is genuinely fragile. Additionally, the disregard of DOSB at a hearing for the health committee further indicates the urgency for reforms to ensure the institution’s importance is realized. There needs to be total cooperation and a common goal between the state and DOSB, if the future of German sport is to be bright.