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Pam Baer’s Charitable Work With SFGHF


Pam Baer is involved in several different philanthropic efforts and has been for many years. One of her favorite causes is prioritizing mental and behavioral health within the public healthcare industry. Pam Baer also serves as the director of San Francisco General Hospital. She has raised money, and came up with effective to serve the underserved community. For those who were already struggling, the pandemic made it even worse for them. San Francisco General Hospital has stepped up its game even more to help the less fortunate.

San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is dedicated to helping the homeless, immigrants, people living in poverty, and those without insurance. Another goal of ZSFG is to bring to light how a person’s economic status can affect their overall health. The top goal of The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation is to provide the funds and whatever help is needed for the less fortunate. They strongly believe that everyone should have access to good healthcare.

Pamela Baer refers to mental health issues combined with ongoing covid 19 pandemic as a double crisis. She wants to make sure that the underserved are not being overlooked now more than ever. A few years ago, she helped to create a fund that supports mental health programs. They raised over $5 million. Since the covid 19 pandemic hit they’ve created telecare mental health appointments to ensure the safety of those in need of help. ZSFG offers twenty-four-hour psychiatric services and has helped close to 10,000 people who were going through mental health emergencies. Pam Baer began her work with the San Francisco General Hospital Organization almost 20 years ago.

Another charity that she’s is involved in is the Hearts in San Francisco. The foundation auctions off heart sculptures to help raise funds for the hospital each year. Hearts in San Francisco Foundation have raised over $17 million. She also holds several different board positions. She resides in San Francisco with her husband and their four children. See related link for additional information.


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