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What Are Some Of Forex Educational Services Offered By The IM Academy?


IM Academy is an e-learning platform that provides educational services regarding forex trading. IM corporation was established in 2013 by two professional forex experts whose aim was to develop and create a platform that would be easily accessible to any individual interested in learning about forex trading. Forex trading is one of the most popular lucrative businesses with promising returns. Due to its popularity, several individuals and organizations have created a platform to provide online forex courses.

According to recent reports from the IM Academy, the number of active subscribers is currently estimated to be over 225,000 in number. The IM Corporation is a legally registered company based in New York City. However, the company runs its operations strictly online, whereby its personnel and employees work remotely anywhere and anytime. Additionally, students or subscribers also get their educational services remotely from the IM Academy website via a referral from an IBO.

The IM Academy website consists of modules known as academies that are divided into four distinct training programs. Each module is accompanied by informative videos and GoLive sessions that allow students to interact with the IM specialists and experts freely. The GoLive sessions are provided in 13 different languages on multiple days a week to serve learners and students in different time zones. The GoLive sessions last for an hour or so, and within that period, students are allowed to ask questions and have healthy discussions with the IM educators.

The IM modules consist of four different academies, including ECX, HFX, FRX, and DCX. All these academies have one thing in common. After completing each academy, every student must undertake a quiz to go to the next step. They are recommended to begin with the simplest academy, FRX, which gives a vivid description and introduction about forex trading, including its history and understanding of how the currency market works. Follow this page for more information.


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