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Strategic Cloud Inventory Management


Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International is a business management software that enables fast and accurate tracking of inventory. Cloud Inventory can help your business save time, money, and resources by increasing visibility into your supply chain. It will increase accuracy in the data you have to work with while also decreasing errors in shipments or transactions. The following are some of its features so you can see how it could improve the way you manage inventory for better efficiency.

Cloud Inventory is an inventory management system that allows you to manage your items on hand, items on order, location of inventory, and billing. It provides a simple way for companies to track their assets by managing the complete lifecycle of their assets in one place. It can be used by any company that needs to manage its assets at different locations or Field Inventory Management allows you to track and monitor expenses and usage. It can be integrated with your existing CRM system so that all data tied to a purchase order is in the same place, which makes it easier for employees to collaborate when finding an item or placing an order.

Cloud Inventory has tools that allow you to add, adjust, and edit items quickly. It provides real-time updates so employees know where the inventory is in transit, when an order has been delivered, and when items are out of stock. This allows you to increase your productivity by having all data available in one place that can be accessed no matter what time or location.

It eliminates double entry of information by combining data from multiple sources to create a single system of record. Its mobile app allows you to view your field inventory on the go so you can see real-time updates on where each item is when it becomes part of your supply chain. See related link for additional information.


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