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Robert Bull’s Secrets to Success: How to Achieve Your Dreams, One Step at a Time


Robert Bull is the creator and the CEO of RoyaleLife, a company that has created products to help people enjoy their homes. They have designed various products which address the needs and interests of modern customers. The shift towards a single-storey living has turned popular. Bull says, “We are seeing an upsurge in demand for single-storey homes among couples, and the need to maximize space and light, and have the opportunity to make use of a single-storey space.” “We are happy to say that over the past few years, we have successfully provided the finishing touch to some of these homes.”

Robert Bull says, “At RoyaleLife, we’re also working with building suppliers to develop an innovative range of ‘single-storey living’ homes. These beautiful homes have the most stunning views, an ensuite and easy maintenance that is just a tap away.” “In fact, young families with young children account for close to 50% of all residential home sales. The home that houses a family can easily house three generations: a young couple and a baby, a young couple and a second child, or an elderly couple with young grandchildren. People are buying and selling apartments so that they can have the space they want for their families.”

Robert Bull is one of the new breed of entrepreneurs who are aiming to improve and rejuvenate the way people live. He has been creating plans for single-storey homes for years, and now, with his vision, he is getting ready to produce the first properties in his portfolio. “Our plans focus on large, four bedroom homes with thoughtful landscaping and outdoor spaces with living room, dining room and kitchen areas. This is the new lifestyle of living,” Robert Bull says. He believes that it is time for the single-storey home to take a new form. is the new way of home living, offering the highest performance and highest quality at reasonable prices.

Robert Bull talked about the benefits of the units, “For one thing, there is more natural light and greater space to live. Not only that but, this streamlined, efficient and environmentally-conscious single-storey home or apartment has everything we need in a single room.”