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Roland Dickey’s Journey In The Dickey’s Barbeque Franchise


Roland Dickey is the CEO of Dickey’s Capital Group and Dickey’s BBQ Pit franchise owner. He is the third generation of the Dickey family to be run the family business.

The firm has grown tremendously from a small company of twenty to over five hundred in his era, becoming the largest BBQ franchise. He ranks among the top 50 persons in foodservice. Dickey is a result-oriented person and believes that effort matters when they give the best results.

Travis Dickey opened the restaurant in 1941 and operated it together with his wife for 26 years. When he passed on, his sons took over the family business and expanded it, bringing onboard new recipes that became very popular. By 2006, it had expanded to over 20 locations and still kept growing.

From when he took over, Roland Dickey Jr started an endeavor to expand the firm into the fast-casual sector. During the recession, people sought comfort food due to stress, which became their best business opportunity. They grew to five hundred franchises within five years.

The popularity of the firm has majorly been due to their keen eye for quality. They always ensure the meat and vegetables are fresh with no preservatives, and the staff keeps giving quality results. In addition to that, investment in support services, accounting, and information technology, always gives them the capacity to grow and evolve when need be.

When asked about the secret to their constant productivity, Roland Dickey Net Worth mention time management and identifying and addressing issues when they come up. When a challenge arises, the first step is communication, then they take the necessary action and follow up until they find a solution.

One of Dickey’s most significant lessons from being a CEO is be ready for change and appoint people in the roles that fit them to avoid errors. Not all who want to be on the top can manage the responsibility of being in that position. See this article for additional information.


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