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IM Academy Course Modules

Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre started the IM Academy in 2013. IM Academy offers digital training on Foreign Exchange Trade. The trainers provide educational materials in pre-recorded or live video content.

The company aims to provide customers with simplified learning tools. Since 2013, the company has been teaching skills that help students trade independently. Today, more than 225,000 customers are benefitting from IM’s mentorship. Their study materials are resourceful and interactive. Students can access the materials via GoLive, an online video education service.

IM academy’s course is divided into four modules. The first one is the High-Frequency Forex (HFX). It teaches students the different types of strategies. Lessons on margins, analysis, spreads, and high-frequency trading are also available in this module. The HFX module comprises 95 videos, each ending with a test.

The second module is FRX. Here, students learn the basics of Forex on live GoLive sessions. This module contains 76 videos; each one of them ends with a test. The quizzes are the company’s way of assessing if students understand something. DCX is the third module; it contains 25 videos and tests. In module three, students learn about digital currencies, trading evaluations, blockchain, and market volatility.

The last module is the ECX. This module introduces students to e-commerce, market options, payment processing, and online advertisement. It contains 450 educational videos, which come with a test at the end.

Customers can buy the modules through the IM Academy webpage. A 54% discount is available for first-time subscriptions. The company also offers 48% discounts on monthly subscriptions. Live and pre-recorded video materials are available through the academy’s mobile application. These educational videos are only available to subscribers. IM’s students can view their downloaded videos even after their subscriptions expire. Refer to this channel on YouTube, for more information.

Since 2013, IM Academy has continued to offer students simplified courses. As a result, they have helped many to transition from amateur traders to consistently profitable ones.


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