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Utility Warehouse Establishes UW Foundation

Utility Warehouse has become a major force to be reckoned with in the United Kingdom. The company was founded with the purpose of filling a unique niche. This consists of enabling customers to pay off all of their major expenses in one bill. 

In other words, the point behind signing up with Utility Warehouse is to be able to satisfy a wide range of expenses all at once. This may include your energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance payments. You can handle them all via UW at one low bundled price that you can easily afford.

This unique savings is what has made the name of Utility Warehouse. However, this isn’t where it ends. The fact that you can handle all of these bills in one easy payment gives you a whole new level of convenience. This has enabled the firm to do even more on behalf of its many loyal customers. 

For example, Utility Warehouse has just announced the unveiling of the UW Foundation. This is a new initiative whose purpose is to focus on a number of issues that are very critical to their partners, employees, and customers. This includes helping the environment as well as many members of disadvantaged groups. 

Utility Warehouse hopes that the UW Foundation will be able to reach a number of stated goals in a very short amount of time. One of the biggest of these goals will be to donate a pound to match every pound that is given by employees and customers to charitable causes.

This will be only one of the many ways in which Utility Warehouse will be enabled to do great work on behalf of charity. Many other initiatives, such as the planting of trees to help the environment, are also in the works. 2021 will be a charitable bonanza.