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Design Products This Holiday Season with Ombori

Ombori is a product designer that makes it so that customers can access a company’s entire inventory to look for exactly what they want. They can even find items that aren’t currently available. IN other words, an app is an invaluable tool when it comes to companies making things easier for their customers for purchasing anything.

With RFID tech, it can also be made so that customers can see a particular line of products that fit with a particular set of search terms. This also makes it so they can click on specific products to get more information about them, as well as a QR code for even more data. The app makes it so that customers can even make a purchase right through a product designer terminal that you have right at a store. You can use it for apparel, electronics, car parts, department stores, and more with Ombori. It’s also possible to combine some Ombori apps with Product Designer. An example is the one called Signage Playlist. This makes it so that companies can create playlists of digital signage for encouraging customer interaction.

You can do all sorts of media this way like images, texts, animations, audio, video, and so on, all to support options for interaction with customers. It can even be activated with voice or touch. Companies that use this in person can set up many different potential triggers beyond just touch including a customer’s gender, what time it is, or even what sorts of weather are happening. These apps support retail displays that can help draw a customer’s attention during holiday shopping. It can be an excellent way to increase marketing to bump up sales during one of the busiest times of the year for many retailers. These signs can help bring in customers who have never been in the store before.

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