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Direct Selling Influencing The Indian Economy


Sometimes people wonder where all the money in the world comes from. A simple answer is traction; once things start moving, they create a chain of effect that makes a ripple-like impact on business or trade. As long as there is a good start in business, there will be a flow of income. The economy is dependent on two derivatives that is commerce and industry. With an inconsistent flow of money, everyone in the business cannot get their fair share.

Direct selling is an excellent example of a business that runs well and in motion. Through creating opportunities in trade, few forerunners will lead to many opportunities for many others.

Direct Selling

Direct selling removes the thought of having a middleman, which regular business uses. Once the producer has a product ready in any business, it’s handed over to the distributors than to the wholesale warehouses, who eventually distribute them to retail stores. The retail market sells the product to the consumer at a Marketing Retail price. Direct selling marketing is in three ways; Single Level Marketing, Multilevel Marketing, and Party Plan Marketing.

Direct selling succeeds due to its lean budge that is needed to start the direct swelling program. With hard work and consistency, a direct seller can reap the benefits and reap big in the few years to come. As long as the network grows with a more credible product supply, there will always be a constant flow of funds. Direct sellers not only make good products but provide employment opportunities for the unemployed.

In India, it’s estimated that by 2025, direct selling will be a booming business, according to KPMG. The next three to five years are crucial for direct selling as some trade experts say that there will be an upward trend in India. QNET is the leading direct selling company in India. It hosts the largest network of direct sellers across the country, where men and women from different backgrounds have taken direct selling as employment.

About QNET

QNET is a global direct selling ecommerce company that gives its customers high-quality services and products. It also provides its consumers a chance to be promoters and salespeople. As much as the company is of Asian descent, its strength lies in its diversity across South and East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.Watch this video on YouTube for additional information.


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