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ZeroAvia Wins The Best Transport Project for 2021

ZeroAvia is the world-leading zero-emission aviation company focused on providing solutions by utilizing hydrogen-electric aviation to address market diversity. The initial target was a 500-mile flight for commercial passenger transport and cargo. The company has two branches in the USA and UK and has gained certificates from the FAA and CAA for the two first model aircraft. Flight tests at ZeroAvia have passed significantly, setting new milestones, and it’s on a journey for its first commercial operations in 2024. As the world embraces a more sustainable air transport, ZeroAvia’s efforts can’t go unrecognized. 


ZeroAvia aviation company became the 2021 winner for Transport Project of the Year thanks to their hydrogen-electric powertrain engines. The company specializes in decarbonizing aviation and replacing conventional engines with hydrogen-fueled powertrain technology. ZeroAvia has gained recognition as the leading player in the pollution-free aviation market in the world. The company satisfied the panel of judges with their outstanding records and several milestones on their journey to zero-emission flight.




This, as it is understood by the Leader Award Committee of BusinessGreen. The platform aimed at awarding projects with an outstanding reduction in environmental impact caused by transport activities in the previous year is recognized. The Transport Project of the Year award has been directed to innovative and most effective initiatives that have helped tackle social and transport costs or delivered alternative technologies. ZeroAvia has continued to work around the clock and has already conducted ground tests of California’s new 19-seat, non-pollutant aviation powertrain system. 


The ground tests aimed at ZeroAvia’s reach a maximum output of 600kW from the engine. The 15-ton jet was conducted a ground test on a versatile testing platform on the tarmac. In September 2020, the aviation company successfully conducted a flight test for the commercial-scale powertrain engine flight at Cranfield Airport. In March 2021, ZeroAvia flagged a development program for a hydrogen-electric powertrain with a maximum power output of 2MW suitable for full-size regional aircraft. In June 2021, the company purchased two Dornier 228, which will aid in the next stage for its 19-seat program.