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The Career of Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is now the founder of his own company known as mais consulting but running it is a lot harder than he makes it look. So how does he manage to pull it off? Well, Krishen Iyer was born & raised in the suburbs of San Diego &, growing up, his folks would always encourage him to try his best in everything he did. This led toKrishen Iyer getting the best grades in his class as he strived to carve out a successful career for himself in the future. By the time he was a senior, he had been offered the role of valedictorian & decided to take it. 


From there, he went onto SDSU where Krishen Iyer wanted to major in public administration & get good grades. As it happens, he was able to succeed in all of that but it still ended up taking him a bit longer than expected to graduate for an outstanding and successful career in the insurance industry. But by the time 2003 rolled around, Krishen Iyer found himself with all the credits he needed to get his degree. So that spring, he was able to get onto the stage & receive his BS from his mentor. As he got ready to go out into the real world, he decided he did not want to work for anyone else. 

This is why Krishen Iyer made his own company & opted to call it MAIS Consulting, a consulting firm that helps with everything from contracting and marketing to company policies and strategic growth. He now resides in Encinitas, CA. Krishen Iyer is a philanthropist and has contributed to charity works in his community. One of the endeavors he is linked to is the Make a Wish Foundation. Other than that, successful businessman and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer immensely contributed to the aid of Haiti earthquake victims. He is also a family man and spends his free time with his family. Some of his hobbies include playing tennis and chess as well as watching soccer.