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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez investments

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a successful entrepreneur who has invested in several fields. For instance, he has invested in a sunglass company that is doing very well. His investment skills have seen him diversifies his resources. He is ready to go the extra mile and try different things in life. As an entrepreneur, he is highly experienced in starting new adventures. It can be seen from the several ventures he has managed to invest in. He is among highly qualified experts who ensure they research different fields before investing his money. Some of the areas where he has invested include the following:


The sunglass company has been very successful. They design high-quality sunglasses that meet the needs of different people. To meet the needs of their wide market, they have been at the forefront in diversifying their efforts when marketing their services. For example, they have gone the extra mile to ensure they avail high-quality sunglasses that work for different age groups.

BDK Financial Group

It is another company where Alejandro Betancourt Lopez invested part from hawkers. The company deals with banking services. There are some regions of the world where banking services have not developed to reach more people. For example, they decided to invest in west Africa. The efforts have terraformed lives in many households because they make banking services reality available. The research team worked hard to ensure they avail the best baking services.


The company enabled different companies to recruit temporary employees faster. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez realized the need for companies to recruit employees faster to fill different positions. They employ AI services to make the recruitment run smoothly.

Easy Payment Gateway

It is another company where Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has stakes. It enables companies to facilitate global level payments. When paying globally, there are several challenges that companies face. The company makes it easy by employing the latest solutions.

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