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IM Academy


IM Academy provides digital educational products and services online which is helpful for people who wants to learn Forex trading skills online. It was founded by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre who are Forex experts. They created this because they want to help their fellow forex enthusiasts to develop their skills through accessible and interactive training so that they will be able to apply those skills in trading. Their main products are learning modules which are called Academies.

In these Academies, there will be a series of pre-recorded informational videos where the subscribers will be able to watch. They also have goLive sessions where the students will be able to practice the concepts that they will learn from the videos and apply it into real-life situations.

The goLive videos are offered in 13 languages to adapt to students who are struggling in understanding and speaking English and it will be on multiple days and at different times to accommodate the students in places with different time zones. The IM academy consists of four distinct programs which are: FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX Academy, and ECX Academy. Each of the academies have different things to focus on.

The FRX Academy focuses on teaching the students the basics of foreign currency exchange. HFX Academy on the other hand, gives information about the basics of High Frequency Exchange including methods and types of analysis, such as strategies, margins, leverage, spread, and order types. For DCX Academy, it is focused on the basics in digital currency exchange and gives useful information in DCX trading also. Lastly, the ECX academy focuses on e-commerce which is why it is for students who wants to build and manage their own online business. They will learn here the essential things you need to know in e-commerce. Visit this channel on YouTube, for some of their informational videos.


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