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Wes Eden Wants A Major League Soccer Team

Wes Edens the CEO of Fortress Investment Group has grown assets into $400 billion. He has done this by focusing his attention on entertainment, healthcare and real estate. Now, he takes that interest and focuses it on Major League Soccer.

Eden wants to bring Major League Soccer to Las Vegas and is currently competing to bring a new team to the city. Edens is the current Milwaukee Bucks co-owner and has helped make the team a champion. Now he plans on doing the same with a US soccer team. Wes Edens has joined forces with Bill Foley and Seth Klarman to bid on this project that the MLS has made available. With the intention of bringing in a 30th franchise, the MLS is trying to open opportunities to different cities.

Prior to the Wes Edens bid, the MLS was in negotiations with Ron Burkle and Sacramento for a soccer franchise, but Burkle turned the deal down last February and now MLS has opened the bids again.

Wes Edens hopes to find a spot in Las Vegas for the team and is working on a bid. He believes he can do for the US soccer industry what he has done with the Milwaukee Bucks. Edens has recently purchased the English Aston Villa team from the UK and under his direction, the team arrived at the English Premier League of 2019. This may be the reason why he seeks an MLM franchise for the USA.

The Fortress Investment firm has helped many organizations and businesses flourish. Another of his latest startup investments is Brightline, a company that plans on building a high-speed train that runs from Las Vegas to Victorville, California.

Whether he gets this new MLM franchise depends on whether the bid his team has made is enough to meet Foley and Klarman.

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