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Michael Capiraso at JoggingBuddy

Michael Capiraso now sits on the board of JoggingBuddy, bringing with him the wealth of expertise and experience in the running. The former founder of the famous New York Road Runners comes to enrich the ideas in JoggingBuddy. The focus of his inputs remains twofold – offer pieces of advice to the venture and support by handling stakeholder interest as a shareholder. The incoming of Michael Capiraso improves the capabilities of the venture that already records immense benefits to runners.

JoggingBuddy offers the platform that athletes need amidst the pandemic. Re platform provides the runners with assistance on the routes to take on the private road running. The runners can choose from a myriad of routines already JoggingBuddy identified and highlighted for them already. Hence, the runner finds numerous routes to try and remain physically fit amidst the stay-at-home orders and other social distancing requirements. Indeed, the athletes can still adhere to masking and other COVID-19 measures while running with a partner.

The runners connect with fellow runners on a platform dedicated to their lifestyles and daily physical fitness needs. Runners find running companions in their locality to help encourage team running amidst the pandemic. These running partners become critical in eliciting additional motivation and commitment to road exercise. The platform users become so engaged that they learn from fellow athletes with similar goals. Indeed, personal relationships and professional networking become possible from the linkages with local running partners.

Therefore, the inputs of Michael Capiraso in improving these business aspects remain critical to JoggingBuddy. His background on the New York Road Runners becomes effective in finding enhanced means of satisfying JoggingBuddy platform users. His wealth of experience in athletics management will also count in moving the service forward to greater heights. Indeed, the introduction of Michael Capiraso to JoggingBuddy adds immense value to the innovative venture.

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