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Eric Lefkofsky Temptation with Tempus

Tempus  pharmaceutical firm is a Genomic Data-Analytics company founded by the investor Eric Lefkofsy and the company Relativity. In anticipation of the company being worth more than 8.1 billion, the organization was able to raise 200 billion in secured funds. The main purpose of Tempus is to revolutionize the Healthcare Industry with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis (Celebritynetworth). 


One of their strongest selling points is a home diagnostic test. Through the utilization of sequencing labs and diagnostics in Atlanta and Chicago the company has been able to collect and sequence over one million samples through their diagnostic kits. According to investor and entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, the concept of using A.I. and collecting data has only enhanced medical practices. 


As of January Tempus One platform system was launched, this feature allows data collected to be transmitted to a portable device for doctors to take in. As of last year Jennifer Doudna, A Nobel Prize, Chemistry winner joined the company. The company’s revenue increased to 1 billion dollars. The Lens Platform also was added in the past year which allows scientists to work on drug discovery and on demand access. Eric Lefkofsky has pointed out that their primary focus is cancer, but as they have increased their funding they are continuing to venture out to deal with new diseases. 

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