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Haroldo Jacobovicz Transforming the World Through Information Technology

In the modern era of digitization and automation, information technology has become a great tool to counter all sorts of competition globally while leveraging its power to transform the world. Comprehending the potential yielded in technology, Haroldo Jacobovicz has built a lifetime career seeking to transform the lives of Brazilian citizens.

The Brazilian entrepreneur is the founder of Horizon Telecom, a telecommunication company that fully utilizes fiber networks and multi-point redundancy. With Haroldo Jacobovicz at the helm, Horizon Telecom primarily focuses on delivering top-tier and first-rated multidimensional computing and information systems solutions to multiple industries. The firm avails internet connectivity, voice solutions, data storage and management, and maintenance support.

The business veteran attributes his success to his intuitive nature and the unquenchable curiosity to explore the possibilities in technology. With both parents in the civil engineering profession, designing and developing valuable structures from scratch to serve the greater good enthused Jacobovicz.

The avid entrepreneur took after his parents to pursue civil engineering from the Federal University of Parana but was captivated by the transformative power of emerging technologies and revolutionizing the business world. Boasting decades-long experience, Haroldo Jacobovicz has facilitated the seeding and growth of multiple companies focusing on telecom and communication.

Besides establishing Brazil’s most adored telecommunications company, Horizons Telecom company, the visionary entrepreneur also founded the Horizons Datacenter to provide businesses and organizations in brazil with cloud technology solutions, enhance connectivity and advance efficiency in service delivery. The enthusiastic business leader is passionate about incorporating and developing technology in the public sector.

He started the E-Governe Group, which essentially avails innovative information technology solutions to public agencies and city halls across Brazil. The Tech Guru Haroldo Jacobovicz insists that self-improvement, accountability, and commendable work ethic are traits every entrepreneur should endeavor to achieve. However, he emphasizes that Horizon Telecom’s ability to evolve with technological innovations while delivering premium services has cemented its success.