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How Haroldo Jacobovicz manages his official working days

When you ask about the most popular telecommunication business leaders in Brazil, Haroldo Jacobovicz will be top in the list. The engineer turned serial entrepreneur has significantly transitioned Brazil with his expertise in this field. As he leads one of the most respected companies focusing on telecommunication, Haroldo is a role model to many.

Horizons Telecom couldn’t be raised by someone who did not know how to handle his daily routine and remain productive. Haroldo Jacobovicz never wastes his time in the office. Horizons Telecom is already a very big organization that needs an effective leader. The leader performs so well in his duties as a chief executive officer because of having effective habits. The entrepreneur enjoys being always present when something is happening in the office.

While bosses enjoy giving commands to their junior staff in the office, Haroldo takes pride in remaining present so that he can give his input. This character does not make the entrepreneur a micromanager. Haroldo sees better results in his company when he starts to pay attention to all the things taking place in the company from morning to afternoon.

As a top Brazilian entrepreneur, Haroldo Jacobovicz starts work quite early. The business gets from his bed earlier than most of his employees in the office. Before starting his official duties, the Brazilian leader tries to connect with his body. This happens mostly through different work outs. The physical exercises are followed by his simple and very light meal representing his breakfast.

The leader also gets updates from different news channels concerning the recent activities in the world. Haroldo Jacobovicz checks for the updates from his tablet. Before arriving at the office, the leader ensures that his body and mind are ready for the complicated day ahead. Haroldo meets and interacts with all sorts of professionals in the course of the day. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s: Facebook Page.