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World-Renowned Activist, Georgette Mulheir

Georgette Mulheir, a world renown activist with a passion for championing for children’s rights. She started her career is traced back to her teenage years when she worked in various social injustice campaigns which included Amnesty International, anti-Apartheid and even refugee support together with environmental movement. Georgette Mulheir and her career path started in northern England as a social worker. With her experience she got to learn that even with the industrialized countries’ child care is at low rates.


In the year 2015, she worked in the orphanages in Haiti where she uncovered the new phenomenon of orphanage trafficking. She uncovered the unlawful ways the orphanages were established with the single reason of getting funds from unsuspecting donors and well-wishers. According to Georgette Mulheir, the way the orphanage management got children was also through deceit. They deceived parents to give up their kids with reasons to give them a good education. Her career has been focused and built through empowering children and young people in taking the lead in advocating for transformed care. 


However, with the current situation in Haiti at the moment things have escalated, with massacres being the order of the day. The country is back to dictatorship with the government using gangs to commit murders and cohouse children into joining the gangs and killing. There are extreme human rights violations that have caused human rights defenders including Georgette Mulheir to call out to the international community to help with the crisis. Using her courage and experience in humanitarian rights she uses her influence in giving the Haitians the voice while still rallying the international community to find a way to help the country. 


Though the global leader and activist´s career is basically concentrated on children the current human rights violations in Haiti is a concern that has her full attention because the people affected most are women and children. Born in Oldham, Georgette Mulheir started her career very early in life. She established the Mother and Baby Unit in Bucharest in 1993, and continued to move around the globe intensifying the loopholes and offering solutions to social problems that had children being left vulnerable to abuse and trafficking. Her work includes informing and educating governments of proper care for children.