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Fortress Investment Group’s Intensive Evaluation of 2020

Since the inception of Fortress Investment Group in 1998, the private equity agency has become an industry leader. Fortress Investment Group has established a massive assets portfolio worth $41.5 billion for approximately 1,750 customers globally.

This New York company has employed about 900 specialists bearing different experiences as well as unique industry knowledge to assist customers to accomplish certain investment goals and targets. 2019 went down as a year of transformation growth as well as massive investment operations for the stakeholders, investors, and company. The following transactions contributed to the beautiful story of Fortress Investment Group over the last few years.

Majestic Wines

Majestic Wines is a U.K. retail professional whose fund acquisition managed by Fortress was anchored on repositioning and strengthening an institution that was about to terminate about 140 stores. Under Fortress’ management, Majestic Wines advanced to get a better proposition and position to even launch a new store immediately after sales finalization.

Fortress is focused on taking the venture further with a fresh appearance depending on the stores’ operations as well as reshaping the public presence with a new retail structure, adding advanced technology as well as anticipating the future for better growth.

Widened Litigation Finance Portfolio with Vannin Capital

Vannin Capital was among the 2019’s Fortress massive acquisition of 100% of the company’s equity by funds. This was a logical step, and a perfect fit for the business because it will complement the relationships and leadership breadths in the space.

Even though Vannin Capital’s acquisition transaction details were not revealed, the Bramden Investments’ director and founder claimed that Fortress had been selected as the eventual buyer because of the longstanding relationship between the two institutions. Also, Fortress Investment Group commanded massive leadership in the litigation finance industry.

News Sector’s Restructuring

In November 2019, a merger proposition involving New Media and Gannett Co. Inc. was voted by the shareholders. News Media was managed by Fortress and Gannett Co. by Frank E. Gannett. The new venture did not change the Gannett name, and it even started trading via the New York Stock Exchange in the same month.